What is the Digital Marketing Empire [and how you can finally start making money online]

This will be the most important article you’ve ever read in your digital marketing journey.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably wondered how all of these people seem to be making money online, and, more importantly, whether that would be possible for you as well.

I have good news for you.

Not only is it possible, but if you decide to join the Digital Marketing Empire team, it will also be as easy as it can be, and it won’t cost you anything.

My name is Matt, I’m the founder of the Digital Marketing Empire. Let me quickly introduce you to what the Digital Marketing Empire is, and how you can earn really good money with it.

Digital Marketing Empire overview

The Digital Marketing Empire is a team of digital marketers and content creators, mostly bloggers and Youtubers but also other types of marketers, that simply leverage the fact that larger publications have a competitive advantage in earning money online through marketing.

We follow a tried-and-tested, but also an ever-evolving process for creating content in a specific way, that is proven to bring traffic to the content created, and turn that traffic into profit.

If you join the Digital Marketing Empire, you will receive free training on these proven money-making processes, and work closely with me and my team on creating valuable content that gets traffic and earns money. As time goes by and you create more and more content and learn the processes better, your earnings will increase.

Who should join the Digital Marketing Empire?

The Digital Marketing Empire is best suited for anyone who is new or not very experienced with digital marketing, that is looking to build a relatively passive income stream from an online business. Beginners and first-time bloggers, that are looking for a hands-on training and mentoring program, with an ambition to build an online business of their own, and join a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, will benefit the most.

By joining, you will own a piece of an enterprise that brings substantial profits consistently over time. Typically, this only works for people with strong entrepreneurial traits, so if you see yourself as an entrepreneur (or, as the kids say, a “hustler”), you will be a great fit.

Your responsibility will be creating content by closely following the guidance provided by the Digital Marketing Empire team. You will write blog posts, create Youtube videos, or both, according to your preferences and ambitions.

See the guide on who should join the Digital Marketing Empire for more.

What are the requirements to join the Digital Marketing Empire?

For now, the only requirement is to have mastery of the English language. That’s it.

Later, as our team and business grow, we will probably expand into creating content in other languages as well, but for now, we will only create content in English, and you will have to be at a native or an almost native level to be able to work with us.

How will this work?

Once you apply to join, I will briefly examine your application and reach out to you.

Not all applicants are accepted from the start, and the application part itself is already the first hurdle that members need to pass. Still, most of them do pass it.

If your application is successful, you will be pointed to the basic Digital Marketing Empire resources, which you will have to go through in order to get familiar with how the process will work exactly. It is important that you go through all of the recommended basic resources, so that you are fully aware of all the pros and cons, all the risks and rewards, what you will have to do, and what you will get.

Once you complete that, we will schedule a very quick interview video call. The interview will not take more than an hour, and it will include an English test and a writing assignment.

If you pass the interview, you will then sign the Digital Marketing Empire Contributing Partner Contract. The contract doesn’t bind you to anything, it’s just a way for both of us to protect our interests. Simply put, the contract will guarantee the income you are entitled to, and it will protect me and the Digital Marketing Empire from people looking to just abuse our free training and good will. I encourage you to go through the contract thoroughly – I know it is boring, but you will see that the contract simply puts in writing everything that we talk about here.

When you sign the contract, you officially enter the Onboarding phase. You will proceed to watch all of the tactical videos and read all of the guides on the blogging processes we will use. I recommend going through them as many times as you need to, and I will especially recommend certain materials that are especially important. You will get to see the entire game plan and learn most of the tactics we will use in our day-to-day work.

You will also gain access to the team channels on Slack and other platforms.

That will only be the first part of your training.

The second part, and the more important one by far, is actually the first 10 content pieces you produce. For now, that will be 10 blog posts, but soon we will add the possibility for creating Youtube videos as well.

Before you start writing, you will have to pick the topic and the keywords that you will write about.

At this point, you will receive access to the lists of keywords, and you can request a consultation call or a chat with me or a mentoring team member for additional guidance, as this is very important.

Note that new members must pick at least 6 product review keywords, which will also be the first articles you will write, as the other article types take a bit more experience, and it’s best to start with product reviews for that reason.

You will select your keywords from a large list of already prepared keywords, and every team member will reserve a keyword they plan to write about upfront. I strongly recommend choosing several keywords around one topic at first so that you don’t get too scattered, and also, choosing a topic that you are as familiar with as possible, based on your wants, needs, experience, preferences, location, and access to certain resources. You will also have the option to explore different topics later, but first it’s best to pick a single topic as your primary one.

After you’ve picked your initial batch of keywords, you will be assigned a WordPress account at the blog you will be working on, and you can start writing.

Depending on the type of keyword you’ve chosen, you will try to follow one of the blog post guides as closely as you can:

You should know that writing will be your only job with the first 10 blog posts. You will not have to worry about the keyword research (and in some cases even the header structure and all the surrounding logistics around the writing will be performed by the team for you). You will only have to write the words.

However, that will involve doing research as well, and if you are not familiar with the topic, it will take you more time to perform the research.

The course materials are meant to provide you with a step-by-step blueprint on how to do exactly what you need to do, so you should have no problems following them and be on your way to creating content.

You should feel ready to start writing after you finish the training materials.

If you don’t, I recommend going through them one more time, especially the most important ones. If you still don’t know how to proceed after that, you can reach out to me and we will work on it together, although I strongly encourage you to do your best to try and figure it out yourself, as that will be by far the best way you learn (and it will also do wonders for your confidence, which is very important as well).

Getting through the first blog post is probably the most important milestone for you.

If you manage to do it, you will have completed a major step towards becoming a successful digital marketer.


Because if you can do one blog post, you can do a thousand of them! (And, by the way, if you write a thousand blog posts by following my writing processes, you will probably become a millionaire in a few years, but let’s not digress too much now).

Completing your first blog post doesn’t have to be hard. I remember my first blog post, and I was unnecessarily scared and anxious about it. Plus, you have me and the Digital Marketing Empire team to help you, so you really have nothing to worry about.

Blogging is not difficult.

Once you get the gist of it (which can easily be on your first day even), you will realize that it’s not hard at all, it’s just a matter of consistency, of simply continuing to show up every day.

That’s it. That’s how you succeed in digital marketing.

But to do that, you must write your first blog post. And then the second. And the third. And then continue writing.

Anyway, once you are done with writing the first blog post, you will report back to me or your assigned mentor from the team.

This is probably the most valuable part for you from the entire program.

This is what I wish I had at my disposal when I first started.

This is the gamechanger, and this is the number one reason why we will win and we will all make a lot of money together.

We will go through your first blog together. We will edit it together, fix all of the mistakes, and you will see exactly how to craft blog posts that earn money.

I’m not saying that your first blog post will be bad necessarily, but typically, beginners still lack a lot of the important skills to make strong blog posts, and that’s exactly what you will learn how to do.

And we will do this for your first 10 blog post articles.

You will receive close and personal attention, detailed guidance, and personalized feedback on your work.

As I said, this is exactly what I wish I had when I first started out.

Now, you may have noticed that the interview process is kind of short for this kind of a gig. Well, that’s because the first 10 blog posts are the bigger interview, in a way. You will be evaluated throughout the whole time of writing your first 10 articles, and if your work doesn’t meet our quality standards, you will be rejected from the program.

After we complete and publish your first 10 blog posts, it will be decision time. At this point, I or your mentoring team member will decide whether you are a good fit for the team.

I don’t want you to get scared here. I expect the vast majority of you to get past this point. If you simply follow the steps, apply the feedback we provide, and truly show effort and dedication, you will almost certainly pass this point and become a fully-fledged team member. Also, there is no required level of quality for your content, or any actual requirement for you to pass at all – we’re just looking to see that you are prepared to work hard and cooperate with us.

In case you are rejected, you will have a right to be compensated for your work up to that point. We are not trying to get you to work for free, or feel like you might get scammed at any time, so even if you don’t become a full member, you still have rights to the fruits of your work. You can choose to be compensated by the standard model, where you will earn the appropriate percentage of the revenue generated, or, in some cases, we may offer you to buy out your content at a fixed price we agree upon. I would advise you to not focus on this too much – if you simply show focus and dedication, you will almost certainly proceed further.

Some of you will not even need that much help for the first 10 articles. I’ve seen people get to an almost professional level by the time they’re writing their 5th article, and that might be you, and I truly hope that is you.

However, some of you will be late bloomers, and will require a bit more help even after the 10th article. That is perfectly fine, and although you will be expected to require less and less help as time goes by, you can still ask for help at any time you feel like you need it.

Also, for some of you interested in a more stable and upfront income, we may offer you an alternative deal that is more akin to traditional employment, if you express interest in that. Just let me or your mentoring team member know you are interested in this sort of arrangement, and if at some point your content reaches the level of quality that we are willing to pay for, we may offer you a change of the terms.

After you’re accepted into the program as a full member, the part where you truly have to show dedication and consistency comes.

This is the hardest part of digital marketing.

You have to keep showing up, day by day, hour by hour, and just put in the work. There’s no secret to success here. Simply put in the work, take the right action, surrender to the process, and be patient.

As I will say many times during this article and many others, this will take time. We are building a business here, and patience is key. You can check out my guides on the Digital Marketing Empire strategy and the Digital Marketing Empire timeline to find out more, and also the guide on all the accounts, channels, and other resources we will use to make this work.

After a few months of putting in the work showing up, you will finally arrive at the point where you start earning money.

How much money will I earn?

How much you earn will depend on the Level you are at.

Your Level in the Digital Marketing Empire depends only on the number of content pieces you have created (either a blog post or a Youtube video).

Depending on your Level, you are entitled to the percentage of the profits generated by your content. These are the percentages for each Level:

  • Level 1: between 0 and 10 content pieces, you earn 20% of the profits
  • Level 2: between 11 and 30 content pieces, you earn 30% of the profits
  • Level 3: between 31 and 50 content pieces, you earn 40% of the profits
  • Level 4: between 51 and 100 content pieces, you earn 50% of the profits
  • Level 5: more than 100 content pieces, you earn 65% of the profits

As you can see, the more content you create, the more you will earn.

You should know that calculating the exact profits that your content generates will be next to impossible, as many different team members will write on the same blog, and a lot of affiliate programs don’t provide a way to track clicks from different authors.

Also, there are a lot of situations where it’s not exactly clear who should earn a bigger payout. For example, what if one author writes an informational article that gets the page view, but then sends the reader to a product review written by another writer, and that product review generates an affiliate commission? Who should get the bigger credit here? It’s not exactly clear and it can get tricky.

For that reason, we will simply only look at the percentage of the display advertising revenue that your content is responsible for, and we will apply that same percentage to the total affiliate revenue or other revenue generated by the blog.

Specifically, we will look at the percentage of the display advertising revenue that your content has generated in the Ezoic analytics dashboard, where we have the option to select only your content, and see how big of a part it has played in the general revenue earned from display advertising on that blog. We will then take that percentage and apply it to all of the other earnings (from all of the affiliate networks, as well as any potential sales of informational products), and we will consider that to be the revenue that your content has generated (from which we will then calculate the portion you are entitled to based on your level).

The percentage of the display advertising revenue generated by the author will be used to calculate the rest of the revenue shares for the author

To give you an example of this, say you are Writer A, writing on the same blog as Writer B and Writer C. At the end of the payment period, we will go through the display ads dashboard and see the percentage of the revenue for which your content is responsible. Let’s say that the entire site has generated $10.000 in the payment period, and your content has generated $4.000 of that, which is 40%. That means that your percentage will be 40%, and that percentage will then be applied to the total revenue generated by all of the affiliate commissions and sales of informational products. So, if the blog has generated a total of $15.000 in affiliate commissions, we will consider 40% of that to be because of your content, which is $6.000. With $4.000 from ad revenue and $6.000 from affiliate commissions, your total revenue will be $10.000 for that payment period. If you’re at Level 5, for example, you will take home 65% of that sum, which is $6.500.

In addition, you can earn extra money if you recommend others to join the Digital Marketing Empire, where you will earn a percentage of the profits generated by their content as well (more on that below).

How much profit your content generates will vary based on a lot of factors, and is almost impossible to estimate precisely. A rough guideline I often use is as follows: every content piece earns $1 per day.

For example, if you write 150 blog posts, you will be at Level 5, which means you might earn 65% of $150 every day, which is $97.5 per day, or roughly $3000 every month.

150 blog posts are completely doable in 6 months, so if earning a passive income of $3000 per month for the next few years and for just 6 months of work sounds good to you, then you will have a great time at the Digital Marketing Empire team.

Now, keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and that also, blog posts need to “age” a bit before they start earning that much. Blog posts start to rank in Google after a few months, and this is where patience comes in.

How long will it take before I start earning money?

It depends.

The traditional estimate for new blogs (which is where we will kind of start) is 8 months. This means that for every blog post you write, you will have to wait around 8 months before it starts to rank on Google, bring traffic, and earn you money.

Now, there are several very important factors that will very likely cut this time down.

For starters, our blogs, despite being new, will likely output a lot of content quickly. Remember, we will have a big team here. That is always an advantage, and it helps for content to rank sooner than usual.

Then, we will probably start Youtube channels to support the blog posts we write very soon, or, in some cases, focus on Youtube content primarily, and that’s good news because Youtube content ranks a bit faster, and it also helps in cutting down the time it takes for the blog posts to rank. By simply creating Youtube videos and linking out to our blogs from the Youtube video description, we will shave off a few months off the time it takes to start earning money.

Finally, the 8-month estimate is based on a strategy that doesn’t involve any link building. We, on the other hand, will include several easy but effective tactics to build links to our content consistently and aggressively, which will also do wonders for shortening the time to profitability.

So, with those 3 supporting factors in our favor, my educated guess is that we will start earning profits even from the newer blogs in 5-6 months.

How will I get paid?

Initially, you can get paid through Payoneer, or, potentially, through PayPal, if possible (although PayPal may not be an option in all cases). If you don’t have a Payoneer account, go and create one now, it’s free, and if you use my link we will both earn $25.

I will make all efforts to provide payments through other services, such as wire transactions, but I can’t offer a timeline on that right now.

Keep in mind that the content will be monetized with display ads and affiliate networks, and some of the partners we work with may take even up to 90 days to complete payment.

For example, profits generated from the Amazon affiliate network take two full months to get paid out. If your recommendation results in a sale of a product on Amazon on January 1st, the commissions for that sale will be paid out at the end of March, which is almost 3 months. That’s just how things work with affiliate marketing.

For advertising networks, such as Ezoic, the monthly payments are made at the end of the following month.

Anyways, payments will be made regularly to you as the money comes in.

Additionally, we will have weekly meetings and video calls where you can get insights into the traffic and the revenue your content generates, where I will share my screen with you and you will be able to see the traffic to your content, as well as the advertising and affiliate dashboards and the revenues earned there. I will aim for full transparency when it comes to your content.

How much do I have to work?

Personally, I create one blog post per day on most days, and sometimes even one and a half or two when I have the time, and I’ve seen incredible success with that strategy.

How much you work will mostly depend on you. Remember, we are all entrepreneurs here, you don’t really have a boss or a manager, and nobody is forcing you to follow schedules or deadlines for the most part.

However, after the training period, if you fail to create at least 1 content piece per week for 2 weeks, we may decide to remove you from the team. We will aim to move really fast and be aggressive in our content production process, and for that to happen, we need our team members to be very effective, so I feel like 1 content piece per week is the least that anyone can do. The only exception here is if you’ve already created more than 150 content pieces.

Also, as you are aware, the volume of content you create will directly determine the amount of profit your content generates, both because of the way search engines work and of your Level in the Digital Marketing Empire. That’s why I strongly encourage you to create as much content as you can, as quickly as possible, for maximum results.

How are my interests protected?

The contract we sign protects your interests.

You will be guaranteed payments, insights into reports about traffic and revenue, and certain rights to your work and content depending on the situation.

Usually, this will be implemented in the form of a weekly video call where I share my screen with you and guide you through the relevant dashboards in Google Analytics, Ezoic or other display advertising networks, Amazon Affiliate dashboards and the dashboards of other affiliate merchants, and every other potential dashboard where you can have insights into the performance of your content.

For the time being, we will not be giving shared access to any of these dashboards, although that may become a part of the process later on.

Go over the contract and let me know if you have any concerns about it, I would be glad to revise it as I’m constantly looking to improve it and make it more favorable for all the parties involved.

How are your interests protected?

The contract we sign protects my interests as well.

My primary aim with the contract is to protect myself and the Digital Marketing Empire against people potentially looking to exploit the free training and then not show any intent to collaborate. I put a lot of thought, effort, and resources into creating the course, and building this business, and I don’t earn any money for that upfront, I’m practically betting on the people I will train for free, and that’s why I have to protect myself against people who are not serious about working with my team and I.

You should also know that while you have some rights to the content you create as described in the contract, the Digital Marketing Empire business itself is owned entirely by me, and I am the only party that has deciding power when it comes to managing it.

What are the advantages of the Digital Marketing Empire?

The main reason why the Digital Marketing Empire team has an immense advantage over the competition is one simple but often overlooked fact of digital marketing – the fact that content compounds.

Even a lot of famous and respected names in the digital marketing industry often either ignore (or choose to ignore) the fact that the more content a blog or a Youtube channel outputs, the easier and faster it ranks, the more traffic it gets, and the more money it earns.

Not only do content creators that publish a lot of content get more organic traffic because they rank for more topics, but they also have higher authority and trust in both the eyes of their audience and the search engines and platforms where they publish their content.

Simply put, the volume of content matters. A lot.

That’s not to say that quality doesn’t matter, but by achieving a large output of content, the Digital Marketing Empire team will already have an advantage that’s impossible for the competition to beat. We already have a large team, and we will grow it even further, which will only make the Empire more difficult for the competition to beat as time goes by.

Another very important advantage of being a member of the Digital Marketing Empire is the 100% free training you receive on how to create content that earns you passive income while you sleep. In fact, there are literally no expenses on your end for joining the Digital Marketing Empire, everything is covered, and you can start working on building a piece of your own business and brand right now without spending a cent.

Besides the free training, you will also work closely with me or another experienced team member when you create your first content pieces. Actually, you get to work with us the whole time, but as time goes by, you will find that you need our help less and less, and you will become a more independent content creator and you will know exactly what to do to create successful content.

I want to emphasize one point here: the training you receive, including both the material and the attention from me as a mentor, is free, but make no mistake – it is invaluable!

You will acquire skills and expertise that people often pay thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for.

I can very easily charge at least several thousand dollars for the knowledge and guidance I provide.

But, I believe that by training new bloggers for free and then working with them as a team, we can both achieve much greater success, and everyone will earn a lot more money than if we were to all work independently.

Since we are all entrepreneurs here, I understand that many of you may have aspirations to continue independently once you have all the knowledge and experience required to do so. The good news here for you is that you will be able to go on your own path if you choose so, after you fulfill your obligations to the Digital Marketing Empire team, of course. I strongly believe in empowering entrepreneurs, and that’s why the project is designed to make entrepreneurs like yourself want to stay with us and continue working in a team, and I believe in most cases it will be more beneficial for all parties to continue working in the team. But! If you are determined to try and start your own thing and make it on your own, you will be free to do so, again, after your obligations towards the team are fully met.

There are many other advantages to being a member of the Digital Marketing Empire, but those three are by far the most important ones:

  • free, practical, hands-on, elite-level training on digital marketing
  • content compounding, aka leveraging the large volume of content produced by a team
  • excellent preparation and experience for anyone looking to build an online business of their own

Who should NOT join the Digital Marketing Empire?

This can be a very long list. I will try to keep it as short as possible and still describe the majority of people who should best direct their efforts elsewhere.

For starters, this is not a job! You will be working as an entrepreneur here, which means sharing both the rewards, but also the risks as well. You will have a piece of a business that will eventually earn money for you without you having to do a lot of work, but that also means you are not earning a guaranteed salary in the meanwhile, and are willing to accept all of the entrepreneurial risks of working on a business of your own. If you are risk-averse or you need a guaranteed income, this project may not be right for you. We are building a business here, which always involves risk, and if you are not in a position to tolerate some risk, we will probably not be a good fit.

Related to the above, it is best if you believe you possess other entrepreneurial traits besides risk tolerance, so if you are not hardworking, independent, consistent, and results-oriented, you should probably try something else. We will all work hard, and again, I’m gonna be straight with you – things will get tough. Building a business is always like that. If you are not willing or ready to put in at least 100 days of focused work, you will not see good results.

Anyone who is impatient should almost certainly not join the Digital Marketing Empire. Building a successful business takes time. Anyone trying to persuade you otherwise is probably not honest with you, doesn’t have your best interest at heart, and is likely trying to sell you something. I want you to be fully aware of what you are getting into, so I will be very direct about this – this will take some time! It is hard to estimate exactly how much time we will have to work before you start seeing some substantial income, but you should probably not expect any serious profits for at least 3 months in the best-case scenario, and maybe up to 9 months in the worst-case one. Often, the average will be somewhere close to the middle, so expect around 6 months of putting in work before you start seeing some good money.

I could go on and on, but I believe you get the idea. We are building a business here, and we need real entrepreneurs, not wantrepreneurs or office drones.

Recommending other team members to the Digital Marketing Empire

As I mentioned before, you can increase the money you earn with the Digital Marketing Empire by recommending other content creators to join our team.

Simply put, if you recommend someone and they start producing content that generates profits, you will be entitled to a percentage of those profits depending on your Level in the following way:

  • Level 2: 5% of the profits
  • Level 3: 7.5% of the profits
  • Level 4: 10% of the profits
  • Level 5: 15% of the profits

Keep in mind that you yourself must be Level 2 or higher to be eligible for earnings from recommendations, and the person you recommend must also have passed the onboarding phase, meaning they must be Level 2 as well.

As a quick example, if you are Level 2 or higher, and the person you’ve recommended has created 150 content pieces that generate profits of $5000 total, you will be entitled to 15% of those profits or $750, without doing any additional work yourself beyond simply recommending them.


That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Digital Marketing Empire, and you can always come back to this resource if you’re not sure about something.

Here’s the entire process described briefly for reference:

  • you apply
  • your application is reviewed
  • if accepted, you are given access to the basic resources on how the Digital Marketing Empire works, and we schedule a time for the interview
  • we perform the interview, which involves a quick test in English and a writing assignment (less than an hour total)
  • if you pass the interview, you sign the contract and you are given access to the training resources
  • you select your main topic, and optionably consult with me or your designated mentor about it
  • you select 10 keywords from the keyword list (your first 6 articles must be product reviews)
  • you start writing your first article
  • once you are done, you report to your mentor and you edit the article together
  • you repeat that for your first 10 articles
  • if you are not a good fit for the team, you might get rejected from the program at this point
  • after your first 10 articles, you complete the training
  • you get paid based on your Level, which depends on the number of content pieces you have published
  • we go through reports, analytics, and payment dashboards at the end of every payment period, and calculate how much revenue your content has generated and what part of that you are entitled to based on your level
  • you get paid

Additionally, here are some of the other resources related to the Digital Marketing Empire that you might find useful:

Want to get cool tips and learn how to build a passive income online? Join Digital Marketing Empire.

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