Timeline For Digital Marketing Empire Team Members

Ever since the first applications for the Digital Marketing Empire, people were curious about the timeline of the project, and how things are going to develop over time.

This is a hypothetical but very realistic timeline of how your time might look like when working for the Digital Marketing Empire team.

The application (Day 0)

This journey starts with the simple process of applying to join the Digital Marketing Empire team.

I will quickly review your application and decide whether you pass the initial round of qualifications based on certain criteria, and whether you’re the right type of person to join the Digital Marketing Empire team.

Getting familiar with how Digital Marketing Empire works (Day 0)

After your application is accepted, you will be pointed out to the basic resources on how the Digital Marketing Empire will work.

These materials come in both video and text form, and you can choose whichever suits you best to consume.

These are not yet hard-core tactical resources that deal with preparing and educating you on the actual process of creating content, but they are still vital for you to carefully review, as they explain in detail everything you need to know about how this project will generate money, how you will be paid out, what guarantees you have, what will be your responsibilities, and every other important piece of information you need to be aware of.

The interview (Day 1)

After you’ve gone through all of the initial training materials and you are familiar with the basics of how the program will work, we will schedule a brief interview video call.

The interview will consist of a test on your English language level, as well as a writing assignment. The whole thing will not take you more than an hour to complete. You can read the guide on the Digital Marketing Empire interview if you’re curious about it.

If you pass the interview, you will sign the contract and go through the tactical training materials.

Signing the contract (Day 1)

Next, you will sign the Contributing Partner Contract. This contract will make sure that you are paid properly, explains the rights you have to your content, your obligations to the Digital Marketing Empire team, etc.

You are free to reach out to me at any time before signing the contract, in case something is not clear to you.

Once you sign the contract, your training begins.

Onboarding and training (Day 2)

Your training will start with you consuming another set of materials, again available in both video and text.

This time, the materials will be educational.

This is the playbook, the game plan, the entire blueprint for how to write blog posts that make money.

As I’ve mentioned several times in other articles, this will be one of the most valuable parts of this arrangement for you.

The blog posts and videos are very hands-on, very tactical, very practical, and go into the level of detail that I’ve personally never seen anyone else go into when it comes to teaching blogging.

You will get to see exactly how to write. And I mean exactly! Even if you’ve never typed a single word in your life, after going through these materials, you will have a very good idea of what needs to be done to publish a high-quality, profitable blog post article.

You will probably go over some of the materials several times. They are packed with information and step-by-step guidance, and you will probably go back to them and consult them repeatedly while writing your first blog post articles.

Also, at this time, you will gain access to all of the accounts and other resources you need to start working in the Digital Marketing Empire.

Picking your topics and your keywords (Day 3)

One of the most important tasks you will have in the beginning is to pick the topic you will write about, and then pick the exact keywords that you will write on.

There will be several topics available, on one of the multiple blogs we will work on in the Digital Marketing Empire. All of the topics are known to be profitable, and some of them will not be very competitive, although some will be quite competitive and we will still win because of our strategy.

You are free to pick as many topics as you’d like, and in fact, I encourage you to pick all of the topics you are interested in. When starting out, however, you will only focus on one topic, and later you can easily expand into other ones if you want.

Pick based on your experience and expertise first, this will be the smartest choice you can make, as you will already be at least somewhat prepared and you won’t have to do as much research.

Pick based on your passions and interests second. It is important to be enthusiastic about a topic, but passions fade rather quickly, and when you’re writing your 100th blog post on a topic, there’s a very low probability that you will still be as fired up about it as the day you wrote your 1st blog post on that topic. What you will find is that you will simply become a pro and just get the job done every day without thinking about it, and you will not really need passion and motivation to do the work. However, passion is still a bonus, and a big one, too, so after you’ve maybe picked some topics you have experience in, you can then further narrow down your choices based on your interests.

After you’ve picked your topics, and you’ve picked your main topic, you will choose 10 keywords in the main topic that you will write about (your first 6 articles must be product reviews). And then, from your first 10 keywords, you will choose one that will be your first blog post.

Your first blog post article (Day 3)

For many of you, this will be the scariest day of your entire professional life.

And also, the proudest one.

Remember, a lot of the work will already be done for you.

You would have already picked your first batch of keywords, and you will now only have to decide on the actual first keyword you will write about.

The blog post article may already be started for you in some cases, with the title and the headers already be in place. In these cases, all you will have to do is start filling in the blanks.

Here’s a really useful tip for you if you’re a newbie blogger and you feel a bit nervous – just think of your first sentence that you might want to write, just think about it first, and after you’ve articulated it at least a bit in your head, simply type the first letter. Just type the first letter. Then, type the first word. And then, finish your first sentence.

You will have crossed the barrier at that point. At that point, you are a blogger.

Just repeat the process after that. Remember your training, go back to it, empathize with your reader, put yourself in their shoes, think about what you would say if you were trying to help your friend, and write the next sentence, and the next one, and the next one…

Before you know it, you will have completed your first blog post article. Try to meet the word requirement quota as close as possible, make sure all of the headers are filled, edit through your article, read it to make sure it makes sense, and let me know when you’re done.

I or your designated mentor will probably respond to you the same day, or maybe the next one, and go through your first article together. We will let you know what we think, how good it is, and we will fix and edit the content with you. Be aware that if this is your first article ever, we might give you several notes and suggestions, but don’t let that worry you even one bit – everyone needs to start somewhere, and if you pay close attention, you will quickly learn how to improve, and you will be well on your way to becoming a good blogger.

Once we go over the editing process together, your first article will be published. You will then proceed to complete the few remaining steps of the post-publish process, all of which are super-easy compared to writing the blog post itself.

I strongly suggest thinking of this day as a huge victory for you.

You will now know a lot about making money through blogging, and all you will have to do is keep showing up, repeat this process, and build your passive income business online.

Your next 10 blog post articles (Day 13)

Technically, the next 10 days of your journey will look a lot like the day you published your first blog post.

You will go over your keywords, write the articles, and we will keep editing and publishing them every single day, or at least aim for publishing an article every day.

You will probably not even notice that on the day you publish your 10th article, you will be at a whole new level. Your progress might seem incremental to you, but it is almost certain that at this point, it will be astronomical.

You will find that as you write more and more, you will need feedback and help from your mentor less and less.

You may even publish your 10th article without any remarks from the mentor.

Also, your training will officially end at the moment you publish your 10th article.

You should be aware that up to and at this point, the Digital Marketing Empire team has the right to decide to terminate the agreement, and either buy out your content or compensate you for your efforts in the standard model of compensation. However, that will almost never happen, and if you get past your 10th article, you will become a full-fledged member of the Digital Marketing Empire team.

The next blog post article you publish, which will be your eleventh, will increase your level from Level 1 to Level 2. It’s not like your content will be generating any serious money at this point, but your percentage of the profits will go from 20% to 30%.

Your next 20 blog post articles (Day 40)

The next 20 blog post articles will be critical for you.

While you will still be in frequent communication with me or your mentor, at some point you will probably find that you don’t really need our help that much anymore. We will still be available, as much as you need us, but not having to rely on us will be great news for both your confidence and your productivity.

The main challenge you will face here is staying consistent.

This is where most bloggers quit!

For some reason, getting those first 30 articles seems to be a very difficult task for new bloggers.

I urge you to persevere if you’re thinking about quitting or starting to procrastinate. Also, reach out to me if you feel that way, and I will do my best to help you in any way I can.

You will probably skip some days and not publish every day. That’s ok, it must happen at some point. But it’s very important to remember to bounce back quickly and don’t allow yourself to fall into the vortex of procrastination and self-sabotage.

Remember, this is the make-it-or-break-it period for your blogging career. If you make it past your first 30 articles and still continue to write, you will have essentially acquired the habit of blogging.

That is critical. That is what this game is all about.

And, I don’t want to promise you anything, but if you keep blogging after this point, I can almost guarantee you that you will eventually reach financial freedom.

Also, after you publish your 31st article, you will get upgraded to Level 3, and you will be entitled to 40% of the profits generated by your content.

Your first dollar earned online (Day 50)

If you are a first-time blogger, somewhere around the second or the third month of your blogging journey, you will probably earn your first dollar online.

The exact day when this happens for you will vary mostly based on the amount of content you publish, but if by the end of your second month you already have 40-50 articles published, you will almost certainly see your first dollar of profit at this point. Your articles will begin getting some miniature initial traffic, and while at this point I wouldn’t hold my breath for any affiliate commissions, it’s still entirely possible.

So, somewhere in Month 2 or Month 3, you will earn your first dollar, and this is another very exciting milestone that I always recommend people celebrate heartily.

It may not seem like much, but the first dollar is actually much more than just a regular dollar. The first dollar is proof that your efforts can make money. It may not be big money yet, but if you can earn one dollar, you can earn ten, and a hundred, and a thousand…

Cherish your first dollar. Remember the date, and think of it in moments of crisis. It is an important sign that points out the direction to your success (I framed the check that included my first dollar earned online and I keep it on my wall).

Another 20 blog post articles (Day 70)

If you get the next batch of 20 blog post articles done, you will have a total of 51.

First, that will elevate you to Level 4, and you will be entitled to 50% of the profits that your content earns.

But further, and probably much more important, at this point, with 50 or more articles you’ve published, you will actually have a shot at already owning a good part of a business that earns you some good money without you having to do much work.

This will be especially true if the other team members writing on the same blog are also publishing a lot, and if it’s a big team. If, for example, it’s a team of 6 people total, and each of you publishes 60 articles, that’s a total of 360 articles on the blog, and that will probably already make that blog one of the biggest ones in the niche.

That means you might have a good shot at seeing these 50 or more articles themselves earn you about $1.000 per month for the next few years, pretty consistently. You will still not be earning that kind of income at this point, but the content you’ve already produced will have a good shot of doing that for you once a few more months pass.

Of course, you won’t stop here.

Your next 50 blog post articles (Month 5)

The next 50 blog posts you write will make the difference between you owning a small hobby business and you owning an actual online asset that generates several thousands of dollars each month.

Somewhere between 50 and 100 articles lies an invisible barrier that most modern bloggers need to cross in order to start earning serious money with their blogs.

Also, once you publish your 101st blog post article, you will be upgraded to the final Level 5, and you will be entitled to the maximum 65% of the profit your content generates.

Your first $100 dollars per month earned online (Month 6)

It is hard to estimate accurately when you will earn your first $100 in a single month, but if you publish frequently, that should happen around and even before Month 6.

For me at least, earning $100 in a single month was also an important milestone, because at that point I realized that “this whole blogging thing” will actually become my main source of income and my primary business.

In most countries in the world, even in some Western countries, $100 is not a small sum of money, and it’s actually the kind of money that you can pay some bills with, or even feed yourself or your family for a few days or even weeks.

That’s why I was very excited when I first earned more than $100 in a single month – for me that represented hope, it meant that even if everything starts to fall apart in my professional life, I can still earn at least a few hundred dollars from blogging, use that to pay my bills, and continue working on my blog until I grow it to a much more serious level.

So, expect to have your first month where you earn at least $100 around Month 6, and, again, celebrate it as a triumph and an important milestone.

One more batch of 50 blog post articles (Month 8)

Around Months 8 and 9, your content will start to rank on Google consistently, provided that you’ve created high-quality content following the guidelines and have published at least 100 articles.

Also, around this time, I strongly recommend not quitting with the publishing routine, and trying to create another batch of 50 high-quality articles.

Even if a single team member does this for a blog, that one blog is pretty much guaranteed to be in the top 5 blogs for that niche. And if several team members do that, well, that blog will simply be unstoppable, it will literally crush all competition except for maybe the highest-authority websites in the world, and it will be on the path to generate monthly revenue that is large enough for considering quitting a day job.

Your first $1.000 per month earned online (Month 10)

This is where things really start to get interesting.

If you’ve published around 150 articles up to this point, the traffic that your articles alone bring can already be in the tens of thousands. In many niches, just the profit generated from display ads alone may be around $1000, and there will also be a significant amount generated from affiliate commissions as well, in some niches even higher than the display ads revenue.

Again, it is very difficult to estimate these numbers precisely.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if you earn around $1000 in Month 10. Please don’t attach too much meaning to this claim, as this is one of the hardest things to predict, but also, if you stick to the plan and publish regularly, you can expect Month 10 to bring your first $1000 or more per month.

And from that point on, the monthly revenue will only grow and grow.

Another batch of 50 blog post articles (Month 12)

You may be noticing a pattern at this point :).

The reality of blogging is, while it can be viewed as a passive income business, it is much better to either never start viewing it like that, or only do that after several years of putting in hard work.

Trust me, this will pay off, big time.

Don’t stop producing great content at this point. You can rest a bit, you can take it easier, and maybe not sprint to publish a new post every single day.

But try and stay as consistent as you can be. That is what separates the pros from the wannabes, that is what will cement your position in your team and the position of the blog in the search engine results, and that’s what will bring in the real money.

Your first $5.000 per month earned online (Month 18)

After a year and a half of consistent blogging, if you’ve managed to publish between 150 and 200 articles, you will probably see your first $5.000 month.

This can happen even a lot sooner, and the earnings may be a lot greater, if there are other team members working on your team that have published a similar amount of content. Remember, content compounds, and the more high-quality content the team produces, the more everybody wins.

Your next several dozen blog post articles (Month 21)

In the next half a year, you may decide that you want to work less, or maybe you will start thinking about hiring people to delegate some of your work to.

Well, if you’ve succeeded in publishing more than 200 content pieces, and you are earning an amount of money that you are satisfied with every month, consistently, then you can take a more passive route and not publish all that much.

I still strongly recommend trying to publish at least one article per week, which, at this point, will be a joke to you. You will probably be able to get the job done in 3 hours, and the payoffs will be pretty good, as Google and other search engines seem to favor blogs that maintain a certain level of freshness.

Anyway, the choice can be up to you at this point. You will be earning very good money from your content, passively, you will have contributed a ton for your team and for the Digital Marketing Empire, and life will start to get a lot better.

Your first $10.000 per month earned online and your road to financial freedom (Month 24 and up)

Somewhere after your second year of blogging, if you’ve published at least 200-250 blog posts, you will probably hit your first $10.000 per month.

This is a beautiful feeling. There’s no other way to describe it.

No matter where you live and what your life situation is, $10.000 per month will be plenty of money for you and your family, the earnings may vary from month to month but they will be more or less consistent, and you can probably say at this point that you’ve reached financial freedom.

You still shouldn’t forget about your content completely. Try to at least maintain the publishing schedule of one article per week, and also, go over your most important and most profitable articles at least once a year and make sure they are staying fresh, useful, and updated.

But make no mistake – life at this point will be much more relaxed when it comes to finances. You will have reached financial freedom after two years of working on your business (not even two full years).


This is a rough and hypothetical timeline, but it is inspired by real-life events, and it can very easily become a reality for you, as long as you follow the plan.

Apply to join the Digital Marketing Empire team and start working towards your financial freedom right now.

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