Who should join the Digital Marketing Empire team?

There are several categories of people, especially people in certain situations and with certain life circumstances, that will find the Digital Marketing Empire project to be a godsend for them.

This project is not for everyone. But I believe that for the people for whom it is right, it is actually one of the best financial and professional moves they could ever make.

Of course, you should form your own opinion on whether working in the Digital Marketing Empire team would be a good choice for you. I can only share my perspective and my view on things, and I invite you to go through them – you might see an angle or a viewpoint you haven’t considered before.

What follows is a brief description of the type of person that will benefit the most from joining the Digital Marketing Empire.

New, aspiring, or inexperienced bloggers and digital marketers

If you are new to this whole digital marketing world, and you are looking for the best learning environment and the most practical, hands-on experience you can possibly get, while also avoiding all of the mistakes that newbies make, then you will love the Digital Marketing Empire, and the Digital Marketing Empire will love you back.

I created this program as a way to connect with new digital marketers, bloggers and Youtubers in particular, that are ready and willing to learn how to be successful online. That is a core principle of the Digital Marketing Empire strategy – to be able to quickly train new marketers to become profitable through proven methods. I deeply appreciate any previous experience or knowledge that someone may come with, but when it comes to working on the blogs under the Digital Marketing Empire umbrella, we will all follow the tried-and-tested processes for content creation, and this is where previous experience might be a downside, especially if the experienced marketer is not willing to adapt.

Inexperienced marketers will not have that problem.

This is one of the very few places online where a “tabula rasa” might actually be beneficial. We will be starting from scratch, training, educating, and mentoring you into the processes that we know for sure are working and bring in results and profits. In fact, the free training will likely be one of the biggest reasons why you should join the Digital Marketing Empire team.

Not to say that previous experience will be a downside, because it won’t. But new and inexperienced marketers, who aspire to quickly learn what works and start seeing results and profits as soon as possible, will benefit from this program the most.

Related, I want you to know that my team members and I will never claim to know everything and to always know the best way forward. We won’t. Digital marketing is always evolving, and we are all learning as we go. The problem here is that, to move fast and create the volume of content we’re looking to create, we simply have no choice but to establish functional processes early on, and be very diligent about casually updating them. We simply know what works and what brings results, and as long as that continues to work, we will continue to operate on the established processes. That said, I am always open to discussion, suggestions, fresh ideas and viewpoints, and feedback. Just don’t expect any random piece of advice to be immediately implemented into the processes.

Newbie bloggers and Youtubers will get to learn a proven process without acquiring any bad habits along the way. The blogging guidelines are clear and focused, all the fat is trimmed, and you will only learn what needs to be done, without picking up any unnecessary or harmful advice.

Besides learning and working with a team of other vetted professionals, you will also start to earn your first income from your own content rather soon, probably as quickly as possible when it comes to organic content marketing. And there’s simply no better reward for a new digital marketer than that – seeing your hard work result in actual money earned.

Anyone looking to earn their first dollar online

The Internet is full of digital marketers that haven’t earned a single dollar of profit.

There’s probably no shame in that, especially if you’ve only been in the game for a few months.

But, weirdly enough, there are people that have been in the game for years, and still haven’t earned even a cent.

It can happen.

Some people simply get bad advice the first time, follow it blindly, and never think to look back. Some people just want to post on Instagram and hashtag themselves as hustlers. And some are simply too unlucky.

But that won’t be you.

Let me be perfectly clear first – nobody in the world can guarantee you results of any type, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

But if you follow the guidelines we’ve outlined for the Digital Marketing Empire team, and put in a few months of hard work, you will 99.99% earn your first dollar from your very own business online.

And that is a very, very exciting moment. It may seem insignificant, but it’s actually monumental – now you’ve proven that you can earn money online, and you just have to scale it!

And, of course, the first dollar will be only the beginning.

Anyone looking to quit their job, build their own passive income business online, and earn their financial freedom

Few other phrases today sound as good as the phrase “financial freedom”.

And there’s a perfectly good reason for it.

Financial freedom is a beautiful thing.

Also, there’s a perfectly good reason why that phrase is often found in the same sentences or paragraphs with phrases like “online business” and “digital marketing” and “passive income”.

It’s because the vast majority of the newly-minted people who have achieved financial freedom on their own, have done so in one of the digital marketing spheres.

Now, financial freedom can mean different things to different people. For some, it may be just a few thousand dollars of income every month without having to do too much work for it, while for others, it may be yachts and private jets and all of that hoopla.

For me, it’s closer to the former. I just want a comfortable income every month, for which I don’t have to work tirelessly, unless I choose to increase it.

And I’m proud to say that currently, I’m exactly at that point, knock on wood.

And honestly, it feels amazing.

The moment when it dawned on me that I finally may have some form of financial freedom for the first time in my life, I felt like I was suddenly 50 pounds lighter! I felt like a knot that has been stuck in my throat since the day I have memory, suddenly disappeared.

And yes, money can’t buy happiness, that’s true. But they sure can prevent a lot of extra misery and tragedy.

Make no mistake – blogging is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pull off successfully. But once you get it done, once you’ve crushed that invisible barrier, once your content starts working for you and starts bringing you some money, you will look back on your decision to start blogging as one of the most important crossroads in your life, and you will be forever grateful to yourself you decided to give it a shot.

We are all working towards building financial freedom here.

Granted, fully passive income is kind of impossible to achieve, as there’s a lot of entropy in digital marketing, things constantly change, shift, and fall apart, and as with every business, blogs and Youtube channels need maintenance.

But as you get better and better at the processes of creating content, and as you gain more and more authority, your job will get exponentially easier. The time it takes you to create great content will shrink severalfold, and you will already have a lot of knowledge, data, and resources that make doing your job a lot easier.

Plus, as you start earning money, you will become able to reinvest some of that money back into your business if you choose so.

All of that means that while you probably won’t achieve truly passive income any time soon, you will get pretty close to that point, and you will almost certainly have at least some form of financial freedom. Blogging takes a while to start bringing in income, but once it does, it is a fairly stable business model, and while it does require some maintenance, it can become a bit more hands-off as time goes by.

If you already have a job and you’re maybe looking for a way to quit it and work on your own business only, I can’t really recommend when would be the best time for you to do that. Personally, I went all-in on my first successful blog even after I had failed several times before, I had no job at the moment, and I was borrowing money to pay my bills. But I tend to not be too risk-averse, and that may be too much for many of you. If that’s the case, simply put in some work in this project as a side hustle, until it starts to consistently earn you enough money for you to be able to quit your job.

One thing is for sure though – successful bloggers and digital marketers almost always quit their day job eventually. If you reach the level of success you’re looking for (which, if you follow the guidelines, can be even after less than a year, maybe even 6 months), you will find that working on your blog is easier than working for someone else, it’s incredible more fun and rewarding, and it pays much, much better.

If any of this sounds attractive to you, you should really consider joining the Digital Marketing Empire team. You will get to success and financial freedom much faster, without making any of the painful mistakes that you may make were you to try working on your own.

Anyone with entrepreneurial traits and tendencies

I don’t want to say that people who don’t consider themselves entrepreneurial will not be a good fit in the Digital Marketing Empire, but people who do consider themselves entrepreneurial will definitely have a great time here.

Building a business takes time, and it involves a certain degree of risk.

Blogging might die as a practice. SEO might change overnight. Some countries may simply proclaim that certain large search engine companies are a monopoly and ban them. A thermonuclear war may bring civilization to ruin, or a meteor strike might eradicate all life on Earth. And, of course, the worst of all – things sometimes may just not work, no matter how hard you try and no matter how right you did everything.

But as entrepreneurs, we accept all of those risks. Personally, I believe that entrepreneurs are modern-day heroes, and that progress is built with the blood and tears of entrepreneurs, and that every fallen entrepreneur that never makes is just as admirable as Elon Musk… but that doesn’t take away the fact that we as entrepreneurs still have to endure painful failures at times.

Well, if you join the Digital Marketing Empire team, you will almost certainly not have to endure too many failures, probably none actually, and if you do, you will do so in the company of other like-minded entrepreneurs, who will also always be there for you with advice and help and guidance.

Anyone looking to improve their digital marketing skillset

While the Digital Marketing Empire team will be the most beneficial to new and inexperienced marketers, people that have some knowledge can still benefit a lot.

Even if you’ve been in the game for a while, and maybe you haven’t still reached a level you’re satisfied with, you can still join and get all of the knowledge and experience from the training, and proceed to build a passive income stream for you as well.

In particular, many marketers that struggle to simply start creating a lot of high-quality content fast, will learn a lot and will find the program beneficial. As you may know, content compounds, and the more good content you’re able to produce today, the better your digital marketing business will be. That’s one of the founding principles of the Digital Marketing Empire – we simply create a lot of content. So, if that’s something you’re struggling with, you may find that you learn a lot.

Anyone looking for guidance and collaboration in the digital marketing world

I may be the person who started this whole thing, and in the beginning, I will probably be the one person with whom you communicate the most. I will teach you everything that you need to know about making money online, and that will probably breed some camaraderie between us.

But it’s not just me here.

Besides me and the other Digital Marketing Empire mentors, this will be a large team of devoted, focused, passionate entrepreneurs, who will work hard for their piece of the pie, but also provide help, guidance, and friendship to as many other team members as possible.

There are some types of entrepreneurs, or some that are in such a period of life, where working alone makes a lot more sense than working in a team. I can certainly relate to that – I was like that for quite a long period of time. And if that’s you, or if that’s you at the moment, you will still be perfectly fine. You can simply go through the training, start working on your thing, and earn good money without talking to anyone else.

But as a former introvert, or at least someone that is trying to broaden his perspective, I would encourage you to try and form connections with the other team members. You will not regret it, and this is coming from one of the biggest introverts ever.

In any case, we will be a big team of capable, hardworking entrepreneurs here. That is always an amazing resource to have at your disposal.

Who should not join the Digital Marketing Empire team?

While this type of endeavor is probably too crazy for most people, I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from trying. Even if you believe you are the most boring, safe, predictable, 9-to-5 office drone, if you are reading this, chances are, there’s at least some spark of entrepreneurship burning inside of you, and I would suggest seeing where it takes you.

I would still advise people that possess certain traits to probably consider doing something else with their time.

First of all, at the moment, we will only create content in English. That’s the only real requirement to even apply for the gig, and we need people that are at least fluent in it, and preferably native or almost native. That’s the only hard red line right now. We will probably expand into other languages at some point, but for now, mastery of the English language is a must.

I believe people that are not patient will not have what it takes to make it in the Digital Marketing Empire. As I mentioned in this article, and probably in every other piece of content related to this project, building a business takes time. We are talking months at the very least, if not a year or two. You will need your patience here. If you don’t think of yourself as a patient person and you keep asking “are we there yet?” the whole time, you will not have a fun time working with us.

I’m kinda reluctant to say that people who are not very hardworking and focused will have a hard time, but it’s true. If you don’t see yourself writing at least 50 blog posts (and I mean, absolute best-case scenario, at least), you will simply not produce enough content to see substantial results for yourself. Again, I mention this quite often, but the sheer volume of content produced is one of the most important factors in digital marketing, and I strongly recommend team members aim for at least 100 content pieces if they want to truly get to a comfortable level of income from their content.

I don’t think there are a lot of other categories of people I would discourage from giving Digital Marketing Empire a shot. If you are not fluent in English, or you are impatient, or you can’t see yourself working hard for at least three months, then you may not want to get involved. See the Digital Marketing Empire timeline for an example of how long the process may take.

Otherwise, I would be pleased to try and work with you. Please apply to the Digital Marketing Empire program, and we can start working on your very own online business even today.

Want to get cool tips and learn how to build a passive income online? Join Digital Marketing Empire.

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