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The Digital Marketing Empire will cover a lot more topics later on, but we will start with blogs and channels on these 3 topics. Choose the one that fits you the best, and when we add more topics later, you can switch to your favorite topic.
Simply write every little thing you can think of that you’re good at. Everything counts, especially if it’s connected to some of areas in the previous question.

The Digital Marketing Empire is a collaborative project where multiple all-star bloggers will join forces to build high-authority blogs in several very lucrative niches.

You will be working with me directly, and other talented bloggers.

Before you start, you will receive an elite-level education from me on everything you need to know to write professional, authoritative, perfect SEO blog posts that will earn you passive income. You will learn everything for free.

In addition, you will receive further help and guidance once you start publishing the articles.

You will start writing your own blog posts on an already established domain, and take advantage of the high level of existing authority and trust that the website has established because of the large amount of high-quality content on it. You can choose the topics you write on, as long as they are not already taken by another blogger in the team.

Simply put, by participating in a team effort where many dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs work on a single website, you will gain an advantage over the competition that you otherwise wouldn’t have if you decided to work by yourself.

How much you earn will depend on your performance and your output of quality content. In the beginning, you will only earn 20-30% from all the profits your blog posts generate, but as you create more content, get better in the process, need less help from me or other team members, and bring more to the table for the entire team, your percentages will grow, and you will be able to reach up to 70% of the profits your blog posts generate.

The project is still in development, and it should be live somewhere in September 2021. You can reserve your spot here if you want to create your personal passive income stream without worrying about anything other than writing good blog posts.

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