Why Join The Digital Marketing Empire? [Instead Of Working By Yourself]

As you may know, if you work with the Digital Marketing Empire team, part of the profits generated from the content you create will go back to the team.

Naturally, the question of why should you work in the Digital Marketing Empire arise, when you can simply do all of the work by yourself and have the whole piece of the pie, without having to share it with anyone.

That’s a fair question.

This article will explain when it might be actually better for yourself to simply go on your own, but also, when it makes more sense to join our team and enjoy all the benefits and advantages of working with such a team.

Advantages of joining the Digital Marketing Empire

Over the last few years, I’ve run across what is probably one of the most important principles in business and in life – nobody wins as much as the people who create win-win scenarios.

I’ve found that whenever I’ve thought about creating a win-win type of situations, I’ve managed to achieve the greatest results, but also, I’ve made it easier for other people to achieve great results as well, which has even further enhanced my own feeling of achievement and wellbeing.

That’s why I built the Digital Marketing Empire entirely on the principle of win-win, both for me and for the ideal Digital Marketing Empire team member.

Now, that doesn’t mean an agreement such as the one presented by Digital Marketing Empire will be a good fit for everyone. Personally, for me, anybody that’s willing to create content is already a good fit. But, for you, a setup such as this one may not be ideal, and for some people, it may in fact be more beneficial to start their own online businesses instead of joining the Digital Marketing Empire (more on that below).

However, for aspiring bloggers and digital marketers, who are new to the trade, and have little or no practical experience, let alone results or some substantial profit generated from their work, I believe that a setup like the one Digital Marketing Empire provides is perfect, and the strategy in place enables new marketers to quickly start earning real money. This also applies to not just digital marketers, but anyone with entrepreneurial ambitions, or just anyone looking to make solid money online.

You simply get too many advantages by joining, compared to trying to figure things out by yourself.

These are the most important advantages you can leverage by joining the Digital Marketing Empire.

It costs nothing and all the expenses are covered

You don’t need to spend a dime when working for the Digital Marketing Empire. All of the resources are free, all the consulting and mentoring you receive are free as well, and all of the expenses for running the businesses are covered. You only have to cover your own private expenses, but everything that’s related to the Digital Marketing Empire is completely free.

You will get free, proven, hands-on, elite-level training and mentoring

I believe the most valuable part of joining the Digital Marketing Empire team is the mentoring you get on how to create content that earns you profit. That is one of the most valuable skills of our time, and you will learn it either directly from me or from a team member that is dedicated to mentoring you.

I’m not trying to brag here. Simply put, my content has earned me a mini fortune. I’m still amazed by how much money I’ve been able and fortunate to earn through blogging and digital marketing. I will impart upon you pretty much all of the essential knowledge you need to replicate my success.

The mentoring will not only include access to the materials needed to learn the theory, but also the personal one-on-one time where you and I go over the exact steps on how to create great content.

People often charge thousands and thousands of dollars for this. I will do it for free.

Much of the time, the people that pay those sums of money even receive knowledge that is far inferior to what I will teach you.

All I’m asking in return is for you to give it your best.

I don’t think it can get much better than this. Please, let me know if you believe you’ve found a better deal online for a similar type of situation, a deal that’s more win-win for both parties, but I believe you will have a hard time doing so (I certainly haven’t been able to find anything even remotely good as this).

You will follow a proven path to success and profit

This will not be my first rodeo. As I said, I’ve been fortunate enough to earn substantial income from my blogs, and the best part is that I’ve perfected a replicable process for doing so in many other similar niches.

Now, I always want to be fully transparent – nobody can guarantee success, especially in digital marketing. I don’t want you to think that this will be easy and that everything is predetermined and that the battle is already won. There’s always a degree of risk and uncertainty in digital marketing and in business in general.

And also, patience will be key here. Starting to earn good money with the Digital Marketing Empire will take a few months (see the Digital Marketing Empire timeline for a more precise example).

That said, my experience suggests that if we keep taking the right action and follow the process that has been proven to work, it is highly unlikely that we will fail. We may need to adapt, change tactics, or work harder at times, but the base of the strategy will almost certainly remain unchanged, and we can be pretty confident that if we follow the steps as prescribed, we will eventually start making very good money.

Further, all of the steps of our processes are very easy to follow. To put it simply, most of the time, it will look like you’re following a detailed blueprint on creating high-quality content. You can frequently refer to the guides about product reviews, list articles, informational articles, and comparisons, and by following them closely, the chances of making a mistake will be very small.

That’s as close to a guarantee that I can give you, and I believe that should be more than enough for most reasonable and serious entrepreneurs.

You will take full advantage of content compounding and high blog authority

I’ve mentioned the phrase “content compounding” several times in the past. To fully understand it, you need to have a bit more knowledge and experience in SEO and how search engines work, but for now, know that, typically, the more quality content a blog has, the higher it ranks, which means the more traffic it gets, which means the more money it makes.

It might even be obvious when we put it like that, but for some reason, a lot of digital marketing gurus and teachers, even famous ones, and even ones that I’ve learned from a lot, kind of ignore this unwritten rule.

But it’s true.

If you have no competitive advantage in a niche, no angle at all, you can still win by simply outworking the competition.

Well, with the Digital Marketing Empire, we will do exactly that. Since we will be a large team working under one banner and on one or very few blogs in the beginning, we will manage to quickly overcome a lot of smaller competitors, and start threatening a lot of the bigger ones.

And that’s one of the most beautiful things about working in a team like this.

Let’s look at a quick example.

If you have a blog with 50 articles today, it is almost guaranteed not to make you any significant income. You will simply be too small, and Google may only rank you for a small number of low-volume keywords with little to no buyer intent.

At the same time, 50 articles is not exactly a trivial amount of work. It still may take most people about two months to create that kind of volume.

Now, if you have a blog with 500 articles today, you are almost guaranteed to make really big money, even in the most competitive niches.

Here’s the funny part: a blog with 50 articles does not earn one tenth of the money the blog with 500 articles does!

SEO is kind of a winner-take-all game. The blog with 500 articles will simply get the vast majority of the traffic, while all the other smaller blogs will get practically nothing.

That’s where the Digital Marketing Empire comes in.

By working together, we will actually be that 500 article blog.

But at the same time, since we are a team, each of us can have, say, 50 articles, and each of us can actually get that one tenth of the big money! And you can even have multiple articles on different topics, and still earn the same amount of money from each of them more or less, because each blog will already have other authors writing there and building the authority of the topic.

That’s the entire game plan here! That’s why we are almost guaranteed to win! That’s the biggest win-win of this entire program!

You will avoid painful mistakes, heartbreaking failure, and wasting your time doing things that don’t work

This is related to a previous point, but it’s worth emphasizing.

Failure hurts. Humans are loss-averse creatures by nature, so failure hurts much more than success feels good.

I’m not saying that if you go and start a blog on your own, you will fail.

What I am saying is that it took me a lot of pain, frustration, and time spent fighting windmills, before I ever saw the first glimpse of success.

In a way, I am grateful for all of that failure and pain. I truly believe that in the long run, it may be good for you.

But at the same time, if I could choose to avoid it, I wouldn’t hesitate even one bit.

You can try blogging on your own, and if you do, I sincerely wish for you to succeed, even if you end up becoming a competitor to the Digital Marketing Empire. I mean this.

But know that statistics are not on your side.

Most first-time bloggers fail. Most second-time bloggers fail, too. Most individual bloggers fail, period.

The bar is simply too high today.

Remember the example from above, with the 50-article and the 500-article blogs. If you start blogging on your own, it’s only logical that you will tend to fall into the 50-article category. It’s simply a lot of work for one person to write even 50 articles, let alone 500. And, again, at the same time, you will get practically no reward for writing 50 articles, no matter how hard you try.

And that’s just one of the ways you can fail.

There is a myriad of things that can go wrong, especially for newbie bloggers.

You can choose the wrong niche.

You can choose the wrong categories.

You can make one out of the millions of possible mistakes when choosing keywords.

You can mess up search intent for your articles.

You can underestimate or overestimate the competition.

You can mess up interlinking.

You may never develop a good writing and blogging style.

You may never even figure out what is a good blog post in the first place.

There are truly dozens and dozens of things that can go wrong. Trust me, I’ve done almost all of the mistakes. To paraphrase Jay Z: I’ve done all of the mistakes, so that you don’t have to.

You are protected by a legal contract

One of the most boring parts when preparing for this project was crafting the contract that we will sign.

I wanted to make sure that all the bases are covered, both for you and for me.

I believe I did a good job.

I’m not a lawyer, but I had a lawyer verify it as well.

By signing the contract, you have a high level of legal protection and you are entitled to the parts of the profits you are entitled to for your own content. Also, the rights you have to your content are specified there, as well as the terms for potential termination of the contract.

In all honesty, I’m not even that worried about any breaches, or anyone trying to violate the terms. The Digital Marketing Empire is structured from the ground up to provide mostly win-win scenarios, while also not having any real drawbacks.

I just wanted to make sure you are aware that I take this thing very seriously and professionally, and I hope you will do the same. If you are worried about something, it is probably covered in the contract, and you can see exactly how you are protected. I’m playing the long game with this project, and I hope that us signing a fair contract is a clear demonstration of good will. Hopefully, after going through the contract, you will feel like it is a fair deal. If not, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and suggest how things might be improved, although I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I believe the contract is truly a win-win for everybody.

You only have to do half of the work of a blogger at the start

A full-time blogger does a lot more than writing content.

There’s niche selection, keyword research, management, design, figuring out the article structure, editing, and then some more editing.

None of those will be your concern for your first several dozen articles.

All you will have to do at the beginning is writing and research. If you are familiar with the topics (which you probably will, as we will offer a wide selection of topics), you will not even have to do that much research.

You see, for your first articles, you will have most of the structure laid out for you. Even the headers and the subheaders will be specified, along with suggestions on how to research the topic, how many words to write, and other helpful notes.

In fact, it will often look like a fill-in-the-blanks template for you. You will only have to supply the words.

I don’t think there’s an easier way for a blogger to start creating content and ease into the blogging trade.

You will work with and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs willing to help you and work with you

Make no mistake, the Digital Marketing Empire team will grow.

It will grow fast, and it will grow large.

Hungry, ambitious, competent entrepreneurs are applying every day.

There’s no point trying to hide my excitement – we are onto something here.

By joining, you will eventually have access to all of the team members. Not only can we all help each other, but the collective mind-meld will generate so many ideas, that I don’t even dare to predict what will come out of it.

This reason alone would be enough to persuade me personally to join. Of course, this can’t be the only reason, as we won’t really tolerate slackers, and everyone will have to contribute something to the team, but simply working together with dozens, and probably even hundreds of focused, passionate entrepreneurs, is guaranteed to be fun and productive.

When is it better to start a blog by yourself

Honestly, for new or fairly new digital marketers, and maybe even for ones with a bit of experience, I wouldn’t recommend going on your own. The risk of failure is simply too great, while the advantages of joining the Digital Marketing Empire far outweigh the one single downside for you, which is the portion of the profits you give up on in return. Maybe one in ten new bloggers will make it on their own. For me, those are not good odds, especially when it comes to devoting the time, energy, and resources required for something like running a profitable blog.

I simply can’t recommend new bloggers starting a blog on their own over joining the Digital Marketing Empire.

In fact, I would even you to consider joining even if you are an experienced blogger, especially if you are planning on going solo. That’s actually kind of how I got this idea in the first place – all of the niches I wanted to pursue were too competitive for a one-man-show, and I couldn’t really find any reliable writers that don’t overcharge, so I figured why not share the burden and the rewards with other entrepreneurs.

Probably the only two scenarios where I wouldn’t join the Digital Marketing Empire are if you are prepared to invest a lot of money in experienced writers and get top-notch content (that’s also top-dollar too), or if you are already working together with at least one more experienced blogger (but preferably more than one, for all the reasons outlined above).

Since most people will not be in any of those scenarios, I would urge anyone looking to start earning money through blogging to check out and apply for the Digital Marketing Empire.

Want to get cool tips and learn how to build a passive income online? Join Digital Marketing Empire.

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