Digital Marketing Empire Progress – July 2021

The process of building the Digital Marketing Empire will include progress reports and further plans. This is the first one, and it will cover the month of July. The rest of the progress will be covered in another article coming soon. Starting now, I will do one of these at least once a month for the previous month.


For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Matt and I’m a recovering software engineer turned digital marketer.

So far, I have built two main sources of income online:

  • a blog in the gadgets niche, started early in 2020
  • the app for learning digital marketing, started late in 2019

Since my main asset is not yet publicly known (unless you’ve followed me really closely over the last few months, or have some weird obsession with me), and it is not a good time to make it more widely known, it will remain unknown for the upcoming period. I will reveal it eventually, when I’m confident there are no downsides to me revealing it. For now, just know that the blog is in the gadgets niche.

Income Report

July was by far the best month in terms of profits from my assets.

The Learn Digital Marketing app is monetized with Admob ads and affiliate links in the resource chapters. However, the earnings from the affiliate links are minuscule, and the app earns almost everything through banner and interstitial advertising. Most of the earnings come from Android users, and a smaller part from iOS users. The total earnings for July were $572.65 (486.83 Euro).

I also added ads to some of my other apps, and the total profits from those ads for July were $214.59 (182.43 Euro).

One of the biggest sources of income came from the Ezoic ads placed on my main blog. Ads resulting in earnings of $1286.31.

The Amazon affiliate resulted in profits of $932.50.

The rest of the profits came from recommending affiliate products on my blog. The total profits generated were $2680, with about half of that coming from one single merchant, around $520 coming from another well-performing merchant, and the rest of it from six other affiliate merchants. At this point, I will not go over the specifics, as I don’t want to uncover my affiliate stores right now.

That’s a total of $5685.05.

Plans for Digital Marketing Empire

If you’ve seen my Instagram or Tiktok, you may know that my plan is to go from 0 to $1.000.000 in net worth by the end of 2022.

I will earn that amount of money in the following ways:

  • continue accumulating profits from the income streams
  • build up and scale the Digital Marketing Empire
  • sell some of the assets for a multiple of x40 or above

The profits from my current income streams will pay my bills, but I don’t see a way of them helping me getting to $1.000.000 in less than a year and a half in any significant way. Of course, I will focus on building them up as much as possible, and also devote some time to maintaining them and making sure they keep prospering, but it’s impossible for them alone to get me to my goal.

A good part of my wealth will come from selling some of the assets. Selling a blog, for example, can earn you more than 40 times the average monthly profit of that blog. So, for example, if I build up a blog to earn, say, an average of $10.000 per month, I can realistically expect to sell it for around $400.000. The main problem here is time.

However, the bulk of my income will almost certainly come from the Digital Marketing Empire. My plan is to build it really fast, and build it really big, and that will not only earn a ton of money while we’re working on it, but it will result in a large lump of money if we sell it.

The Digital Marketing Empire will likely include several blogs in different niches.

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