Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write The Perfect Product Review Blog Post [Nobody Shows You This!]

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How To Create A Blog Post With WordPress

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How Does Blogging Work? [Basics, Terms, and How Do Blogs Make Money]

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How Do Search Engines Work? (The Simplest Guide Ever)

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Accounts, Channels, Resources, and Collaboration for Digital Marketing Empire Team Members

In a way, if you join the Digital Marketing Empire, you will be working on your own business. But, at the same time, you will work closely and together with other team members, most importantly your mentor at first, and later, maybe even other team members. To work efficiently as a team and achieve a … Read more

How To Choose Your Topics And Keywords (For Digital Marketing Empire Team Members)

The Digital Marketing Empire will consist of many blogs and Youtube channels in many different niches, product areas, and topics. In fact, the end goal is to cover literally every single profitable topic on the Internet, and have the best people in the world write detailed guides and reviews on that topic. However, in the … Read more

How To Work With Your Mentor at the Digital Marketing Empire

The training and mentoring you will receive if you join the Digital Marketing Empire will be one of the most important experiences in your blogging and professional life. It will be 100% free, and you will work closely with your blogging mentor, which will be either me or some other advanced blogger from our team. … Read more

The Contributing Partner Contract for Digital Marketing Empire

When working in the Digital Marketing Empire team, you will not be an employee, and you will work on your own business in a way. However, you will have a business relationship with the Digital Marketing Empire, and the terms of that relationship need to be clearly defined, so that both parties are clear about … Read more

Timeline For Digital Marketing Empire Team Members

Ever since the first applications for the Digital Marketing Empire, people were curious about the timeline of the project, and how things are going to develop over time. This is a hypothetical but very realistic timeline of how your time might look like when working for the Digital Marketing Empire team. Application (Day 0) This … Read more

The Content Compounding Effect for SEO (And How the Digital Marketing Empire will Leverage It)

When it comes to blogging and SEO, there’s a principle at play that I don’t see discussed very often, at least not in the depth it deserves. This principle has been one of my guiding principles in blogging and has led me down a path of success, and yet, it is often ignored even by … Read more