How To Choose Your Topics And Keywords (For Digital Marketing Empire Team Members)

The Digital Marketing Empire will consist of many blogs and Youtube channels in many different niches, product areas, and topics. In fact, the end goal is to cover literally every single profitable topic on the Internet, and have the best people in the world write detailed guides and reviews on that topic.

However, in the beginning, we will have a smaller team, and we will have to choose our topics and keywords more diligently and follow a more precise strategy. While eventually, as a Digital Marketing Empire team member, you will have the option to write about every single topic or keyword you want, we will have to start with a narrower focus first.

This guide will show you how to pick your initial topics, and the first keywords you will write about.

Choosing your topics

When you first start in the Digital Marketing Empire, you may choose one or several topics you are considering writing about. That’s also one of the main advantages when joining – you will be able to easily switch between several topics and earn money for writing about everything that interests you (although we strongly suggest sticking to your main topic as much as you can, at least at the beginning).

One of the topics will be your primary topic. That’s where you will start, that’s where your first 10 keywords will be and those will be your first 10 articles.

You will become either the single expert on this topic in the whole Digital Marketing Empire team, or one of the very few ones, and naturally, you will have some advantages and privileges when it comes to this topic. You may be required to specialize in this topic and dive a bit deeper into it, which will even further increase your advantage. In fact, after several months, you will likely become one of the leading bloggers in the world on that topic, and the profits your content will generate will be unrivaled!

So it’s important that your main topic is the best possible topic you can pick. You will have other supporting topics you will write about if you choose to, you may even end up writing on several different topics, and in fact on several of our blogs, but you will only have one main topic.

As a sidenote here, changing your main topic may become an option in the future, but for now, think of your main topic as being set in stone, and you will have to live with your choice for the time being.

So, again, it’s crucial that you pick the right main topic for you.

Ok, so how do you do that?

I recommend going with a topic you have the most experience in. This is simply the best strategy, as you will have to do the least research, your content will be the best it can be, and it will be very profitable for you very fast.

If you don’t really have a lot of experience in either one of the topics, I recommend the following approach:

  • from the list of topics, pick several in which you have the most experience, including education about them
  • from that smaller list of topics, pick the ones that interest you the most or you are the most passionate about
  • if this list is also quite big, further narrow it down based on your aspirations and predictions for the future
  • if you still end up with a list with more than one item, spend some time thinking about this but then go with your instinct and pick the topic that you simply “feel” the best about

Consultation with a Digital Marketing Empire mentor

If you are having trouble with picking your topics or your keywords, you will have the option to do a quick consultation with your Digital Marketing Empire mentor on this. In fact, if you’re not 100% certain that you’re choosing the right topic, this is the recommended step for you.

Choosing based on experience, expertise, or education

Out of all the ways to choose your primary topic, choosing it based on your experience, expertise, or education is by far the best. This includes products you own personally or you can get easy access to, services you have tried, etc.

The advantages you will have on that topic will be the greatest.

You will have to do a lot less research than someone who is not experienced in this topic.

Your content will reflect your experience and will connect and build trust with the reader.

You may even be able to provide unique and useful insights around the topic that no other person in the world can, something which is absolute gold in blogging.

And choosing based on experience will always beat choosing based on your passions and interests.


Because passions fade.

After that 100th article, you will be satiated with the topic, no matter how much it has excited you when you first got into it. The key is to become a blogging master that doesn’t let fleeting emotions such as passion get in the way of producing quality work and making money.

So, pick based on your experience first. The more experience you have in a topic, the more you should give it preference to. Sure, weigh in a bit of passion or curiosity when making this decision, but stick to the things you are the most experienced in, and you will have a great and profitable blogging career.

Choosing based on interest or passion

It may happen that you are not really experienced in any of the topics we are working on in all of our blogs, or that you are similarly experienced in several of the topics.

In that case, the next decision-maker should be your interests and your passions.

Chances are, if you are an expert at something, you’ve likely been very interested in it at one time, and then you’ve simply spent time pursuing that. Meaning, if you’re not yet an expert on something, but you feel very excited talking about it or even thinking about it, then you can simply start pursuing it, immerse yourself in it, and after a period of time, you will be as good as an expert.

Plus, you will have a lot of fun while learning about this topic.

Also, I recommend spending some time thinking about the future this topic has in general, and the future it has for you.

Choosing based on aspirations or curiosity

The topics chosen for the Digital Marketing Empire channels will be as future-proof as we can make them. We will run this as a long-term business, which will require choosing topics that are either evergreen and stay relevant no matter how much time goes on, or are on a steady upward trajectory and the interest in them is growing.

You should add that element to your decision-making process as well.

While you won’t have to worry about the future of the topics themselves (we cover that), you should think about the future of the topic when it comes to you.

For example, if you are studying to be a lawyer, you should probably pick law as your topic, even though you may not be an expert in it yet, and even if it’s not really all that exciting to you.

Or, if you’ve always been curious about gardening, you should give some extra points to that topic if all else is equal.

But, try to pick based on your aspirations or your curiosity last, and maybe only use it as a tiebreaker.

Writing on a topic you don’t care about and you know nothing of

It may happen that in the beginning, the blogs we are focused on in the Digital Marketing Empire don’t include any topic that is suitable for you. It’s probably highly unlikely, but it may still happen that you have no experience nor desire to learn about either one of the topics we write about.

Well, believe it or not, you might actually be lucky.

How come, you may ask?

Well, you will become the best blog writer you can be. You will gain such mastery over the craft, because you will work the hardest and with the least advantages.

When you have no experience in the topic you’re writing about, and you don’t care about it at all, and you still produce content for that topic, you are gaining levels in the blogging skill that all the other bloggers may never gain.

The research that you do, all the reading and watching videos and listening to podcasts, will make you at least a theoretical expert, which is more than good enough for producing great content.

Plus, you will learn how to shut up, sit down, and get the work done, which is the biggest secret when it comes to blogging success.

As I said before, passions and interests are fleeting emotions that quickly disappear and leave you stranded. You can’t rely solely on them when working on something as important as your own business. Since you won’t be relying on them at any point, you will not pick up any bad habits in this area, and you will become a professional blogger sooner most.

In this case, I suggest picking your main topic based on either your thoughts about the future of the topic, or simply your instincts.

If pretty much all topics are equal to you, spend some time thinking how they might develop in the future, both as trends in the world, but also in relation to you and your future (as we discussed in the previous section).

But also, I strongly believe that even though blogging has a heavy marketing component to it and should be as rational and data-driven as possible, bloggers still don’t listen to their gut feeling as often as they should, and if one of the topics simply “feels right” to you, or gives you that tingly feeling in your stomach for no apparent reason at all, you should probably pick it if all the topics sound pretty much the same to you otherwise.

Choosing your keywords

After you’ve chosen your topic, your next task will be to select the first batch of 10 keywords you will write about.

This may seem like a more difficult task, as most of the topics will have a lot of keywords for them.

Still, fear not. This shouldn’t be hard at all.

At any point in time, my team and I will maintain a large spreadsheet of available keywords that you can reserve for yourself.

You will probably find that you can write about most of the keywords, for some of them possibly even without doing a ton of research.

In case you are having problems finding your first keywords, consider first if maybe you’ve chosen the wrong main topic. This can happen. Simply try picking another main topic, sorting the keywords as described, and seeing if you can pick 10 keywords to write about.

Also, one more thing to note here – new members must start with at least 6 of their first 10 keywords being for product reviews. List articles require a bit more expertise on the topic, and informational articles require a bit more experience in blogging in general, and both of those experiences will be best gained by new members when they start with some product reviews.

If you’re still having problems picking your first 10 keywords, feel free to contact me or your mentor and we will gladly assist you.

After you are done with your selection, it might take some time for me or another team member to do some preparation. It may happen that we set up the article for you, create the initial header structure to help you get going, and maybe perform a few other tasks that should make it easier for you to do a good job.

Once you are done with your initial batch of 10 keywords and have your first 10 articles completed (and, btw, have completed your training and onboarding phase), you will then move on to selecting your second batch of 10 keywords, etc.

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