Digital Marketing Empire Strategy

If you join the Digital Marketing Empire, you will probably be curious about the general strategy of the endeavor, and why such a project can quickly and easily beat the competition.

In this guide, we will go over some details about the strategy of the Digital Marketing Empire. Since the strategy will be dynamic and may change over time, this document might get updated, and it’s a good idea to bookmark it and check it periodically if you are a Digital Marketing Empire team member.

How will the Digital Marketing Empire make money?

The Digital Marketing Empire is a collaborative project based on generating revenue through blogging, content and affiliate marketing, video marketing, and other digital marketing channels.

It will consist of several blogs, Youtube channels, and social media accounts.

The blogs will have a primary focus, at least in the first few months. Almost every blog will have an accompanying Youtube channel, and for some niches, the Youtube channel might be the primary content channel. Social media accounts will only play a minor and supporting role.

All of the channels will be focused on creating high-quality, engaging content, that is both informative and useful to the audience, but also has a commercial element and capitalizes on the value it provides for the audience by earning affiliate commissions from referring certain products or services.

The project will involve several sets of channels, each set centered around a broad topic (a set of channels will include a blog, a Youtube channel, and the basic social media profiles). The channels will be set up as quite broad instead of focusing on a smaller niche, so that a lot of different team members can work on them at the same time.

The primary methods for monetizing the project are:

  • displaying advertisement on the blogs and Youtube videos
  • generating affiliate commissions for researching and recommending products and services

Additionally, in some cases and for some sets of channels, profit might be generated from selling informational products such as courses and e-books.

How will the Digital Marketing Empire compete and win?

The Digital Marketing Empire has several inherent advantages because of the way it is set up, and we will fully leverage them and outperform the competition.

The biggest strategic advantage of the Digital Marketing Empire is the large number of trained team members and authors that will continuously publish high-quality content. The sheer volume of content we will publish as a team on a certain topic will be much greater than the volume of any competitor. By outputting a large volume of content that’s also of solid quality, we will take advantage of the content compounding effect, and eventually outrank and outperform even more established competitors.

An additional key advantage of the Digital Marketing Empire is that even though the project is collaborative, it is still heavily decentralized. All of the team members will follow a common strategy and the already determined guidelines for content production, but at the same time, each of them will work by themselves and for themselves, and will only be entitled to the profits generated by their work. While we will always promote collaboration over competition, it is logical for a certain degree of healthy, productive competitive spirit to develop within the team itself, which will further drive each team member to excellence, which will not only result in bigger profits for the team members themselves, but also a higher quality of the content for the channel as a whole.

Finally, one more big advantage that the Digital Marketing Empire has over most blogging teams is that in the beginning, new and inexperienced bloggers will only have to figure out how to write, and not worry about any of the technical or logistical concerns surrounding blogging, which are exactly the biggest reasons why bloggers fail. We could easily say that a blogger is simply a writer that also has these additional specific skills for SEO and market research and technical skills etc. At the Digital Marketing Empire, we are training bloggers, but they will only start with learning and practicing the core skill of blogging, which is writing and research. The rest of the work is done for them, things like keyword research, setting up the header structure, competition research, etc, which are skills that take a long time to master, but not really a lot of effort. That’s why more experienced team members will do these tasks beforehand, and the newer team members can only focus on getting better at writing first, and they will learn these skills later. In fact, in many ways, newer bloggers may even be a more ideal type of person to join the Digital Marketing Empire.

Recruitment and training

The process of onboarding new team members will involve training and educating them on the skills required to create high-quality content. By working closely with them, especially at the beginning of their training, and providing them free yet in-depth training, and an opportunity to gain invaluable experience in content creation, the Digital Marketing Empire will provide one of the most exciting, most attractive platforms for new bloggers and digital marketers to start earning money.

We expect a lot of new and inexperienced bloggers and digital marketers to apply. While that may seem like a weakness in the model initially, it is actually a strength in the long run – the new marketers will learn and grow under the wing of the Digital Marketing Empire team, and they will not come already scarred with bad blogging or marketing habits.

We will give all applicants a fair shot, but not all of them may pass the onboarding stage. We will only work with the talent we choose to work with, selecting only the highest-performing team members, who are the most willing to learn and work hard.

Teamwork and collaboration

In the beginning, the collaboration will mostly happen between the content creators and their designated mentoring team members.

As time goes by, content creators can still continue to ask for advice and feedback from their mentors, but they will be encouraged to do so less and less, and become as independent as possible.

In the later stages of the project, all of the team members working on a channel set around one topic will work together in sharing resources amongst themselves (such as borrowing products to another team member for reviews, sharing pictures and media of the products, sharing experience, etc).

You can see the guide on the accounts, channels, and resources we will use in the Digital Marketing Empire for the exact tools and services we will be using to work together.

Referral program

The Digital Marketing Empire will encourage team members to invite other content creators into the team by employing a referral program.

The recommending team member will earn a percentage of the profits generated by the team member they’ve recommended. The percentage will come out of the share that belongs to the Digital Marketing Empire, which means that the team member that has been recommended will still be able to earn the same amount of money, and the Digital Marketing Empire will take a smaller part of the profits.

This will further encourage digital marketers to not only work on their content, but bring in new marketers to the team and further grow the business, creating another win-win scenario.

Blogs and traffic

Blogs will be the primary channel the Digital Marketing Empire team focuses on, at least in the beginning.

Team members will follow an established and proven framework for content creation that is known to result in high rankings in search engine queries, lots of traffic, and good conversion rates for the products recommended.

Again, the content compounding effect will be a major strategic advantage here, and the more blog content the team creates and interlinks, the more it will build the authority of the blog.

The team members will be encouraged to pick topics and keywords they are knowledgeable in, or at least passionate about. This will have a very positive effect on the content quality, as writers that are involved in the topics they write about create better content in general.

At the start of the training, the writers will choose one or more of their primary topics, and they will be responsible for creating the majority of the content and covering the majority of the keyword for that topic. They will do so by reserving topics and keywords for them, and then they will have a certain period in which they can create the content piece. If they fail to create the content piece during the reservation period, the keyword will go back to the pool of available keywords and another team member will be able to pick it up for themselves. Writers will be encouraged not to miss the reservation deadlines.

While team members will each have one primary topic, they will also have several other topics they can write about. It will be recommended for writers to stick to as little topics as possible so that they can develop true expertise, but as a blogger myself, I know that writing about just one topic can get very boring and counterproductive, so the option to explore other topics and still earn money for doing so will be present at all times.

For some blogs, all of the writers may write under the name of one author. The content will still belong to the team member who created it, and they will still be the only writers earning profits from it, but the author specified may be a single persona. This will be done for SEO purposes.

Link building

While the content creation will be the main part of the blogging strategy, team members will also consistently perform routines and processes designed to earn backlinks from high-authority sources to further help their content rank, and to help the authority of the blog improve in general.

By simply taking a few extra steps, the content creators will eventually earn a substantial number of backlinks. The link building process is simple and easy, but very effective when done consistently, and will be a valuable part of the strategy.

Youtube channels

For most niches, the blog will be the primary channel of focus, but a Youtube channel will almost always accompany it. Given the recent developments in SEO, a Youtube channel has become almost an integral part of any digital marketing enterprise, and a lot of work and attention will go into creating content for Youtube.

For some niches, the Youtube channel might even be the primary channel of focus.

The Youtube channels will probably be hosted by a single person, which will be the face of the channel. In some cases, content creators may share footage amongst themselves, especially in product review videos.

The Youtube strategy will be developed into more detail as the team gets involved with this channel more.

Social media

Most of the channel sets will include social media accounts. They will only play a supportive role, mostly sharing the newly published content from the blogs and the Youtube channels, and occasionally being used for communication with the audience on social media.

In practice, content creators will simply share their newly produced content on the dedicated social media accounts, and not much else. Content creators will also be encouraged to share their content on their personal social media accounts, if they wish so, and also, share content from other team members as well.

Since this will be a very low-effort tactic, we will often use many different social media platforms to share the content on, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, content creators will be instructed on how to easily create and use forum accounts to share their content their, most notably Quora and Reddit, but also traditional forum accounts.

Email marketing

Most of the blogs will have popup forms and other mechanisms to gather the email addresses of the audience. Each team member will have a number of times they can use the email list created for that blog to send traffic to one of their content pieces, or to another resource they believe might be useful to the audience.


Hopefully, this guide gave you a better picture of the general strategy of the Digital Marketing Empire. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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