The (Almost) FREE Blog Setup [Cheapest Hosting and Domain Name Ever]

The website hosting area is one of the shadiest parts of the digital marketing industry. There is a lot of incentive involved, and even well-known and otherwise honest marketers often recommend hosting providers to their audience that may not be the exact best value for them. The currently accepted status-quo of the blogging world is … Read more

$9 Online Business – Comprehensive, Illustrated, Step-by-step Blueprint on How to Build a Fully-Developed, Passive Online Business

Today, we will go through the exact steps of building a fully-functional, profit-ready online business for the total price of just $9. The whole process should take about one hour. The reason why such a ridiculously low price is possible to achieve is because we will use a lot of tricks and hacks. The only money spent on … Read more

How To Listen To Your Customers And Build Great Relationships

Humans are not very good listeners. For people in digital marketing though, it is one of the most important skills to have in their toolbelts. Those marketers who listen are best prepared to respond to their audience wants and needs and solve their problems. Let’s see how you can become a better marketer by learning … Read more

How to create a lot of great content (fast!)

When creating content for your digital marketing business, you will need both quality and quantity. Quality is harder to teach and achieve, since it requires experience and creativity. Luckily, both of those can be learned through simply creating lots of content. That’s how you end up with both quality and quantity, and also end up … Read more

Marketing Basics – Evergreen Core Principles

In any type of marketing (not just digital marketing), there are a few core concepts that will typically be true because of the permanent nature of human beings and the way our emotions and thought processes work. That’s why it’s useful to be familiar with some of the basic marketing concepts that translate well to … Read more

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Let’s get familiar with some of the basic terms and concepts in digital marketing. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is promoting awareness of products or services, and the value they provide, to potential customers online. There are a few ways to achieve this. It can be organically, by creating content about a business that … Read more

How To Learn Digital Marketing The Right Way [Plan + Roadmap]

The Learn Digital Marketing app is the fastest way to learn the basics of marketing. There, I said it. But it’s true, so I get to say it. You can become a very solid digital marketer in just a few months, but you will need to be focused. And also, you will a solid plan. Let’s go ahead and make you such a plan! Choose an initial focus (probably traffic) There are three main aspects to online marketing: Traffic Retention Conversion Each of them is further divided into many smaller parts, but these … Read more

The Mindset of a Successful Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is War! Your Boy Matt There are many important aspects of digital marketing. Playing this game at the highest level requires you to be a jack of all trades, and a master of almost all of them. Among other things, you must have: knowledge experience skills talent strategy logistics And those seemingly small … Read more