Should you pay for courses and knowledge, or learn everything for free?

Let’s say you’re somebody that knows absolutely nothing about any area of digital marketing. One sunny day, as you merrily scroll through your Instagram feed, you see an inspirational video about how cool your life could be if you could just solve this annoying problem of needing money for your life, by building your own … Read more

Choosing a niche – should you follow passion or money (or something entirely different)?

When choosing a niche for a blog, one of the most common questions that beginners have is whether to follow their hobby/passion/dream, or should they choose a niche that has more potential for profit, has little competition, and is easier to monetize? Let’s see why the actual answer is somewhere in between, and exactly where … Read more

How Long Does SEO Take? (You Will Not Like The Answer)

Bloggers always want to know how long will it take for SEO to work, and how soon will their content start ranking on Google and bring them traffic. After years of industry research, and my own experience, we can make a good educated guess. For new websites (not older than a year), it takes around … Read more

Why You Should (Probably) Not Start a Blog in 2021 and Beyond

This may be a strange statement coming from a guy that: has an app that teaches people blogging and digital marketing has a blog on blogging and digital marketing has a Youtube channel on blogging and digital marketing But yet, I think the harsh reality for most people in 2021 is that they should probably … Read more

The (Almost) FREE Blog Setup [Cheapest Hosting and Domain Name Ever]

The website hosting area is one of the shadiest parts of the digital marketing industry. There is a lot of incentive involved, and even well-known and otherwise honest marketers often recommend hosting providers to their audience that may not be the exact best value for them. The currently accepted status-quo of the blogging world is … Read more

$9 Online Business – Comprehensive, Illustrated, Step-by-step Blueprint on How to Build a Fully-Developed, Passive Online Business

Today, we will go through the exact steps of building a fully-functional, profit-ready online business for the total price of just $9. The whole process should take about one hour. The reason why such a ridiculously low price is possible to achieve is because we will use a lot of tricks and hacks. The only money spent on … Read more