The 4 Most Important Entrepreneurial Milestones (And Why You Should Celebrate Each)

The path of the entrepreneur is hard. You often go against the grain, often at your own expense. You take on risks that the vast majority of people you know would never even dream of taking on. And, worst of all, you are often wrong. Sometimes terribly wrong. Those can really hurt. That’s why it’s … Read more

5 Signs YOU Are The RIGHT Type Of Person to Start a Blog

Even though there are around a billion blogs fighting for a piece of the cake today, and maybe thousands or even dozens of thousands of new ones are started every single day, and competition is crazier than ever, there is one piece of good news for new aspiring bloggers – you can still make it… … Read more

Choosing a niche – should you follow passion or money (or something entirely different)?

When choosing a niche for a blog, one of the most common questions that beginners have is whether to follow their hobby/passion/dream, or should they choose a niche that has more potential for profit, has little competition, and is easier to monetize? Let’s see why the actual answer is somewhere in between, and exactly where … Read more

How Long Does SEO Take? (You Will Not Like The Answer)

Bloggers always want to know how long will it take for SEO to work, and how soon will their content start ranking on Google and bring them traffic. After years of industry research, and my own experience, we can make a good educated guess. For new websites (not older than a year), it takes around … Read more

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Why You Should (Probably) Not Start a Blog in 2021 and Beyond

This may be a strange statement coming from a guy that: has an app that teaches people blogging and digital marketing has a blog on blogging and digital marketing has a Youtube channel on blogging and digital marketing But yet, I think the harsh reality for most people in 2021 is that they should probably … Read more

How to stay consistent with blogging

The biggest challenge in blogging is the sheer amount of content you need to produce. Of course, it must be at least good content, preferably even high-quality content, but even if you produce the best possible blog post in the world for a keyword, you will never rank with just a handful of articles on … Read more