How to create a lot of great content (fast!)

When creating content for your digital marketing business, you will need both quality and quantity.

Quality is harder to teach and achieve, since it requires experience and creativity.

Luckily, both of those can be learned through simply creating lots of content. That’s how you end up with both quality and quantity, and also end up taking advantage of the content compounding effect in the process.

Start with your primary channel and go big

You will typically have a primary medium in which you create content.

This can typically be blogging, videos, social media content, or podcasting. Choose the one in which you feel most comfortable and start from there.

For beginners, usually blogging works best, and it’s what I usually recommend.

While quality is more important than quantity, typically you will still need to create a lot of content.

Out of your massive output, a few evergreen pieces will come out that will be of the highest quality. Even the best marketers still produce a lot of everyday ok content that is not changing the world.

In the beginning, focus on hitting that publish button, preferably every day.

The more content you can put out, the faster you will learn, but also the faster your audience will find you.

If you blog, it is essential that you publish one complete article every day. If you do video, one video per day is a must. Same with podcasting, one podcast daily should be the minimum.

For social media, the number of content pieces will depend on a few factors.

On Instagram, you can try with at least two posts and two or more stories per day, then gradually increase until you see what performs best.

Generally, you can tweet as often as you can on Twitter, since tweets have a short lifespan. Just don’t go over 200 tweets per day every day, since that is a lot and you risk suspension. In any case, doing just Twitter marketing can be risky as Twitter can be somewhat volatile, and I recommend it only as a support channel that you add to your strategy later, after you’ve developed a strong presence on another channel.

Organic traffic on Facebook is almost dead, so you will probably need to boost your posts there with some ads.

Repurpose your content

Focusing on one channel is not a bad idea. However, if you want to speed up your process, you can easily create more content pieces out of your primary piece that can get you more exposure on every channel.

There are many ways to achieve this.

If you blog, you can do things like:

  • post the images from your blog post on social media, with some text from the blog post
  • record a short video of you summarizing the post, and post it on Youtube with your blog post link in the description
  • post links to your blog post, again with some excerpts from it as text, and images from the blog post or even different images

Video is by far the hardest type of content to create, so if you’ve done a video, getting more content out of it is easy:

  • grab the transcript from your video and post it as a blog post too
  • besides YouTube, post the video on any social media platform that supports videos (pretty much all of them today), and on other video platforms as well like Dailymotion and Vimeo etc
  • post screenshots of the video, with some text for context, on social media
  • if it makes sense for that particular video, grab the audio part and turn it into a podcast

Repurposing social media content offers the most alternatives by far:

  • the general rule is to change the text slightly so that it fits the platform where you post it
  • take a screenshot of your tweet and post them on Instagram
  • post the same image on every social media platform (change the text to fit the platform)
  • when you have more than one image, or if you gather a few older images that can be posted together, post them as a carousel
  • you can even post the images on SlideShare and other platforms that
  • you can turn your images into a slideshow video, which you can post everywhere
  • videos made for social media should not only be posted on all social platforms, but also Youtube
  • an easy way to create content for social media is grabbing a beautiful stock photo and placing a smart or cool quote on top of it with a basic photo editor

Practice and be consistent

Consistency is by far the most important thing you can do for yourself in the content and digital marketing game. Where most people fail is giving up after a month.

You must give content creation time – this can’t be stressed enough.

It is possible to see some success soon, but realistically you shouldn’t expect anything spectacular before you’ve been publishing for at least 3 months. Blogging and SEO can even take around a year to start showing results!

After that initial period, the following will happen:

  • you will have a solid content base on whichever medium or platform you have chosen
  • you will already be pretty good at creating content, and on your way to becoming great
  • you may have some audience already, and it will only get easier to grow it bigger
  • you will have some clout in the field, either as an intermediate or as an advanced person

See my guide on how to stay consistent with blogging to learn some other practical skills.

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