How To Choose Your Topics And Keywords (For Digital Marketing Empire Team Members)

The Digital Marketing Empire will consist of many blogs and Youtube channels in many different niches, product areas, and topics. In fact, the end goal is to cover literally every single profitable topic on the Internet, and have the best people in the world write detailed guides and reviews on that topic. However, in the … Read more

Mentorship, Onboarding, and Training for Digital Marketing Empire Team Members

The training you will receive when you join the Digital Marketing Empire can easily be one of the most valuable experiences in your professional life, and one of the biggest advantages of joining. It will be 100% free, and you will work closely with your blogging mentor, which will be either me or some other … Read more

Digital Marketing Empire Progress – July 2021

The process of building the Digital Marketing Empire will include progress reports and further plans. This is the first one, and it will cover the month of July. The rest of the progress will be covered in another article coming soon. Starting now, I will do one of these at least once a month for … Read more

5 Signs YOU Are The RIGHT Type Of Person to Start a Blog

Even though there are around a billion blogs fighting for a piece of the cake today, and maybe thousands or even dozens of thousands of new ones are started every single day, and competition is crazier than ever, there is one piece of good news for new aspiring bloggers – you can still make it… … Read more

Choosing a niche – should you follow passion or money (or something entirely different)?

When choosing a niche for a blog, one of the most common questions that beginners have is whether to follow their hobby/passion/dream, or should they choose a niche that has more potential for profit, has little competition, and is easier to monetize? Let’s see why the actual answer is somewhere in between, and exactly where … Read more

How to stay consistent with blogging

The biggest challenge in blogging is the sheer amount of content you need to produce. Of course, it must be at least good content, preferably even high-quality content, but even if you produce the best possible blog post in the world for a keyword, you will never rank with just a handful of articles on … Read more

The Mindset of a Successful Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is War! Your Boy Matt There are many important aspects of digital marketing. Playing this game at the highest level requires you to be a jack of all trades, and a master of almost all of them. Among other things, you must have: knowledge experience skills talent strategy logistics And those seemingly small … Read more