Why Join The Digital Marketing Empire? [Instead Of Working By Yourself]

As you may know, if you work with the Digital Marketing Empire team, part of the profits generated from the content you create will go back to the team. Naturally, the question of why should you work in the Digital Marketing Empire arise, when you can simply do all of the work by yourself and … Read more

Who should join the Digital Marketing Empire team?

There are several categories of people, especially people in certain situations and with certain life circumstances, that will find the Digital Marketing Empire project to be a godsend for them. This project is not for everyone. But I believe that for the people for whom it is right, it is actually one of the best … Read more

What is the Digital Marketing Empire [and how you can finally start making money online]

This will be the most important article you’ve ever read in your digital marketing journey. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably wondered how all of these people seem to be making money online, and, more importantly, whether that would be possible for you as well. I have good news for you. Not only … Read more

Digital Marketing Empire Progress – July 2021

The process of building the Digital Marketing Empire will include progress reports and further plans. This is the first one, and it will cover the month of July. The rest of the progress will be covered in another article coming soon. Starting now, I will do one of these at least once a month for … Read more

The 4 Most Important Entrepreneurial Milestones (And Why You Should Celebrate Each)

The path of the entrepreneur is hard. You often go against the grain, often at your own expense. You take on risks that the vast majority of people you know would never even dream of taking on. And, worst of all, you are often wrong. Sometimes terribly wrong. Those can really hurt. That’s why it’s … Read more

Should you pay for courses and knowledge, or learn everything for free?

Let’s say you’re somebody that knows absolutely nothing about any area of digital marketing. One sunny day, as you merrily scroll through your Instagram feed, you see an inspirational video about how cool your life could be if you could just solve this annoying problem of needing money for your life, by building your own … Read more

Why You Should (Probably) Not Start a Blog in 2021 and Beyond

This may be a strange statement coming from a guy that: has an app that teaches people blogging and digital marketing has a blog on blogging and digital marketing has a Youtube channel on blogging and digital marketing But yet, I think the harsh reality for most people in 2021 is that they should probably … Read more

$9 Online Business – Comprehensive, Illustrated, Step-by-step Blueprint on How to Build a Fully-Developed, Passive Online Business

Today, we will go through the exact steps of building a fully-functional, profit-ready online business for the total price of just $9. The whole process should take about one hour. The reason why such a ridiculously low price is possible to achieve is because we will use a lot of tricks and hacks. The only money spent on … Read more